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Earbuddy Comedy

Have you ever tried pouring something into a bottle without using a funnel? It gets everywhere, right? All over the counter, onto the floor, into the sink, you name it. So, when you use speakers, it's basically like you're pouring sound into the bottle of your ears without a funnel. You need more accuracy. You need earbuds.

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ROGETRAY wrote:I've always been curious, how does one "clean" a set of earphones?!


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ThunderThighs wrote:

You suck on them....


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I wished the Bob Marley looking ones came with my iPhone 5.

My dog chewed on the ones that came with my phone roughly less than a week after using them.

O-M-G! That Squirrel stole my Bag of Crap!


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lauriebananahammock wrote:You suck on them....


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Bought 2 pairs of the "Ladies' Bliss" during the last woot-off! (And they were here within 3 days, thank you very much!!!!) Normally, the whole "For Her" gimmick is just that, BUT, I have tiny ear-holes (!) and these fit great! Sound is good...but I'm no audiophile....I just need something to drown out my husbands snoring as I try to fall asleep! Inline mic/pause button is great too. I appreciate the angle of the buds too, pretty snug and secure. I'll be trying them on the treadmill soon (I swear!) so hopefully they'll stay put!


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what do the earbud controllers allow you to do? Is it volume control only, fast forward or skip tracks...?


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While you can't wash the earbuds themselves, you can clean the silicone ear tips -- just pop them off, rinse, dry thoroughly, and pop them back on. (While the ear tips are off, it might be wise to take a dry cloth to the speaker area, too.)

I bought three sets the last time round: Marley (with the green ear tips), Bliss, and the orange City Lights. Of the three, I preferred the Bliss. I have tiny ear canals as well and even the smallest ear tips on the other two were snug and uncomfortable and prone to sliding out, but the smallest size on the Bliss (x-small) fit like a dream and I can forget they're in, and they stay in place regardless of what I do. Plus the sounds quality is fantastic for a pair of $5 earbuds. (Surprisingly, the bass also kicks.)

In fact, just bought three more of them--one to give away and two as backup. The only thing I don't like is the design of the jack area which is too long and rigid and could easily snag (and I could definitely see it breaking). That area is much better designed on the Marley earbuds--instead of going straight down it curves to one side and has a lower profile.

The controls on the Marley will adjust volume, but the Bliss only mute/unmute/accept calls.

EDIT: obviously I need a nap because I only just now realized that cleaning question was purely rhetorical. :facepalm:

bona fide geek.


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Review for audiophiles and newbs of the headphones:



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I bought these during the last time they came around, and I must say, I'm highly impressed. They replaced a set of klipch earbuds that accidentally got eaten by a reclining couch (got stuck in the reclining mechanism). They sound BETTER. I don't know what it is about these, but at $15 bucks I'm telling you, you cannot lose. They are sturdy, well made, and fit my smaller ear canal perfectly. It came with 3 sets of different sized tips.. Also, I'm 6'4, and the cable is long enough for me to keep my iPhone in my pocket and comfortably wear them, which most ear buds cannot do.

Do yourself a favor and get them.